3D Printed Robotic Hand For Amputees Of All Ages

A New Hand Of Hope The challenge of creating real, powered prosthetics, is being tackled by a British company. Bristol based Open Bionics is developing a design for low cost 3D printed robotic hands for amputees, for children and adults alike. It can be absolutely heartbreaking to see children struggling with the challenges of a serious… Read More »

3D Printing With Plants To Grow Into Any Shape

The Growth Of Urban Greenery There is a refreshing trend in architecture and building design to include as much greenery in the form of the building as possible. As urban populations swell and design becomes more inventive and diverse, putting green in your building is becoming a given as designers vie for the title of… Read More »

3D Printed Prosthetics For Derby The Dog

Shelter Pup Gets New 3d Printed Prosthetics And A Loving Home It’s always heart-warming to hear a happy story about a dog. Meet Derby, who has congenitally deformed forelegs that limit his movement but not his spirit. It just so happened that Tara Anderson, an employee of 3D Systems (3DS), fostered Derby. She knew the potential… Read More »

HP 3D Printer Debuts Late But Strong

Hewlett Packard Promises Additive Manufacturing Rates Times Ten The American firm that has been synonymous with printing in the past decade has decided to throw its hat into the 3D printing ring. After a period of apparent lack of direction, Hewlett Packard is once again setting worthy goals and attempting to ride the current trend.… Read More »

Simple 3D Printed Microscope Turns Smartphones To Science

The researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL) have found a way to make a basic microscope attachment for the camera on your smartphone or other mobile device. By going back to the basics of the first microscope and applying 3D printing to the problem of creating a simple housing and microscope structure they were… Read More »

UPS Store 3D Printing Steps Into High Gear

So, apparently it was bound to happen. The UPS Store chain, the front line of UPS shipping services, has thrown its hat in the 3D printing ring. They have announced that a greatly expanded number of local branches will now be offering to provide 3D printing services to customers. To think, you will be able… Read More »

Medical 3D Printing Turns X-Rays Into Model Knees

The process of creating medical 3D printing models and surgical guides has just become easier with the innovations provided by Materialise; the Belgian based medical 3D printing services specialists. The company has announced the development of a new method for creating 3D models of bone joints and the surgical guides used in replacement operations.

Iris van Herpen Advances 3D Printed Dress Style As Well As Tech

Industry Mainstay Makes A Fashion Statement The granddaddy of 3D printing 3D Systems is determined to show the world that they are still relevant and effective as leaders in the business. They have teamed up with fashion designer Iris van Herpen to put a vision of 3D printed beauty on the catwalk at the Paris… Read More »